Brand new share house(Flat share). Nice kitchen, shower room and toilet, all appliances are included. Good Wi-fi. All bill and some consumables are also included. Nice location transport wise. The flat is close: Shiogamaguchi station(塩釜口), Yagoto station(八事) ,Meijo University(名城大学), Chukyo University(中京大学), Nanzan University(南山大学). 

Room A B C D
Size 12.9㎡ 10.4㎡ 12.9㎡ 11.1㎡
Price ¥50,000 ¥40,000 ¥50,000 ¥45,000
Equipment Chest, Bed, Desk, Balcony Chest, Bed, Desk Chest, Bed, Desk, Balcony Chest, Bed, Desk, Shelf
Gas, Electric, Water, Internet, Toilet paper, Tissue, Various detergent, Various seasoning, Kitchen supplies

Deposit ¥10,000
Available now From Oct now now


You can create your concept living room.

COM-HOUSE is brand new share house, that's why living room is almost empty.
After living the room, please tell me your plan. I will prepare any tools and materials.
Enjoy your DIY life.